Corona measures Dacon BV

To customers and relations of the Dacon companies.

Dacon has now implemented contingency plans in relation to the coronavirus and infection control. However, we will be as accessible as possible to our customers, and we will respond to inquiries as usual. Many of our products are designed for remote support. We will be able to do user training and meetings with sales engineers on Skype / Teams and are otherwise available on the phone as normal.

Fortunately, none of Dacon’s employees are infected, but we still want to do our part to help reduce the spread of viruses. With this in mind, we will introduce some measures.

• For the time being, Dacon employees will not be permitted foreign travel.
• Dacon will not be conducting internal and external meetings with personal attendance.
• Necessary meetings are conducted using Teams or Skype.
• Employees at Dacon who have the opportunity will work from home office.
• Extraordinary hygiene measures in our premises.

Production, warehouse and workshop functions are maintained as normal.

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