Dacon Inspection technology BV

In 2014, Dacon founded Dacon Inspection Technology BV as a daughter company in The Netherlands. On invitation of their supplier General Electric (GE), nowadays knowns as Waygate Technologies, to serve the European market even better. Mainly active on the RVI (Remote Visual Inspection equipment) market we serve our relations with sales, service/repair, rental, training and advice. At this moment the team is located in Nieuw-Vennep with two enthusiastic employees Wouter Kruijer and Lisanne Zwetsloot.

History of dacon

In 1979 the 7 friends and colleagues founded Dacon Sub Sea AS, a diving services company with high priority focus on serving the customers needs and solving challenging tasks.

On multiple customer requests Dacon started in 1990 with the development of professional maritime MOB (Man Over Board) rescue equipment. The development led to a special rescue net to retrieve persons out of the cold Nordic offshore waters after a MOB incident. The quality and ruggedness of the rescue net contributed to a worldwide success. Nowadays Dacon is still the manufacturer and supplier of the Dacon rescue frame and other maritime safety equipment and works together with the best sales agents all over the world.

Next to the maritime safety equipment Dacon started the Norwegian distribution network for industrial hand- and work lighting, indestructible transport cases, custom made case interiors, mobile EX turbo ventilators and watertight covers and bags.

Since the founding of the company the execution of underwater inspections was one of the main activities for Dacon. On request of several customers Dacon decided to further focus on sales activity of their preferred underwater inspection equipment and since 1990 the company started the sales of borescopic equipment and microprocessing services. Dacon still imports several high end inspection camera systems, borescope equipment and pipe-renewal equipment. Dacon highly values the long term relationship with their suppliers.

Since 1992 all the diving and inspection services were separated from the sales activities within the company. Dacon Services AS was founded as a independent service company. Nowadays services are preformed with a team of 30 high skilled inspectors and analists spread over Norway in Haslum, Lillestrøm, Kristiansund and Bergen.

In 1994 Dacon Inspection Services Ltd. Pte. Was founded in Singapore for the local demand of inspection services. The company soon expanded there activities into the largest daughter with their main office in Thailand and branch offices in Malesia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The company has grown to a 350 employee leading services company in the offshore- and onshore, oil&gas-, petrochemische-, refinery- and powergen sector.